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Monday, February 25, 2013

how to repair water pumps

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Damage to the common and ordinary encounter of a water pump, either plain or Jet pump is almost the same. Only a few cases rather requires precision and foresight at the time of its service.

    Total dead water pump
    This shows that there is no power that goes to the water pump. The steps of the first checks to be from the power source receptacle or switch. If the input voltage, check Tandon Switch Water level in the water (if using Water Level Sensor). The next check in Automatic Pressure Switch for water pump that does not use water Tandon alias faucet open flame pumps, valves in the pump lid off.
    If the terminal voltage up to the water pump but the pump motor does not live and no sound at all can be ascertained spull from broken water pump or Thermal Switch that is in the water pump spull spull putus.Atau could also have been burned to the conditions in which the wire is broken. Because usually when burned but did not give effect will make our home electrical MCB Trip due to short-circuit.
    For the record checks do not just use Testpen because Phasenya be detected only while neutralnya not. And also sometimes ignited Tespen induced voltage.

    Living with the sound of water pumps should not die.
    The meaning of life is the water pump but the sound was not normal. For example Hannya buzzing and as the rotor does not rotate or live but weakened later rounds as the rotor off. If left longer pump will live again with the above conditions then die lagi.Hal occurred because the water pump components can be problematic due to the weak or dead Capasitornya, Bearing (Laker) jam, or it could be conceded blog Pump sand or dirt. For a particular pump can also stalled because As the rusty and glue on the stator as it may be several days in turn. It spull of these things cause the hot water pump and belts Thermal Switch from spull is disconnected and will connect again when the heat down. Even worse if it had not been used spull Thermal Switches spull effect will surely burn.
    With the replacement of the defective part as part of the above is usually the pump will return to normal. Spull pump short between the primary coil and the coil Auxiliary will also lead to things like this. Damage to the capacitor is not always visible physically, sometimes capacitor exploded or cracked, sometimes the shape is still intact but dead also.

    Living water pump but the water will not come out
    Damage to suppose this kind of problem before normal, most often on Foot valve at the bottom of the suction pipe is leaking. Leaks can be caused Rubber foot valve is worn or it could be because it hampered the sand.
    Try opening and closing the water pump on a blog pancingangan see if the water is empty. If empty, it is definitely a leaky spigot foot, fill with water to the brim and turn the water pump, wait a while, the water will ngalir again. If after the water can go up but then if it was shut down for a while as it was meant to be made again foot replacement but if it remains smooth klep.Akan means Footklep hampered only sand and sand when in turn join lifted up.

    Weak water pumps or small water output
    It often occurs in the water pump impeller made using brass. Hand side of the impeller is easily eroded sand which resulted in a large cavity between the closed impeller, impeller and pump blog. And the effect of the pump suction becomes weak ..
    With the replacement of the impeller cover and Impellernya problem can not be resolved while parah.Cara another blog by filling, but sometimes it does not last, only a few months back was weak.
    Another way to flatten the back cover with impellernya Lathe way in, but the cost is too expensive. Not according to the price of the water pump.

    Automatic water pump reads cethak cethek
    For water pump sensor system Pressure Switch open or if valves in the pump life and death pump valves closed piping network of channel output pump should really tight. Because if there is a leak a drop will result in pump life often turns itself off if the water pressure in the pipe installation is declining due to leaking pipes or dripping faucets.

    The water pump would not turn on but the water rose.
    Although the water in the pump blog is full but the water would not sucked up, can even occur in the baru.dan new water pump installed. The cause of the problem is because there is a hole even if only for a needle in a pipeline pump suction to the blog, so that air is sucked into the pump to come in the water.
    Could be due to Mechanical Seals are already weak or uneven tiles (wear out) or it could be due at the time of gluing pipe is not perfect so that air entering through the connection. Also from the installation of a lot less pretentious drat his Seal tape.
    For the installation of the new pump was installed well before tighten the bolts on the pump bolts again because sometimes the installation of the plant less tight. To damage the water pump Jet pump type of damage in addition to the above there are any special damage that sometimes it really requires precision and flair we as a handyman service to fix it.